Nesting Software : Some Test cases

PLUS 1D : Bar Nesting software

PLUS 2D : Nesting software

All optimizers are not equal. If you have a less efficient optimizer, the waste and cutting cost quickly add up. Compare your results to find out if you are paying less for the optimizer, and losing more on potential material savings.

PLUS 2D Samples:

Why not check out PLUS 2D and find out for yourself, how much you can save. If you already have an optimizer, you can benchmark it and we will welcome your feedback.

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Sample Job Files

Job Report



1 Single  stock and parts with different sizes and quantities singlestkmtl.plj singlestkmtl.pdf
2 Multiple stock and multiple parts multistkmtl.plj multistkmtl.pdf
3 Optimization of parts using stock as coils  decoilmtl.plj decoilmtl.pdf
4 Sample files with various type of parts used in metal industries. samplemtl.plj samplemtl.pdf


5 Multiple stock with multiple material  multipartswd.plj multipartswd.pdf
6  Product based file- Pedestal  pedestalwd.plj pedestalwd.pdf
7 Nesting of nonrectangular parts nonrecwd.plj nonrecwd.pdf
8 Nesting with L shape parts lshapewd.plj lshapewd.pdf


9 Optimization of different parts in library lib_shapes.plj lib_shapes.pdf
10 Nesting of non rectangular shapes parts bulletproofglass2.plj bulletproofglass2.pdf
11 Multiple parts with multiple stock multiple_part.plj multiple_part.pdf

PLUS Rings

1 Single stock and disc of different sizes Disc1.rgj Disc1.pdf
2 Single stock , rings and disc optimized together. Discs_Rings1.rgj Discs_Rings1.pdf

PLUS 1D Samples:

1 Single  stock and and few parts of different sizes and quantities singlestk.p1d singlestk.pdf
2 Working with Mixed Material twomaterials.p1d twomaterials.pdf
3 Multiple stocks, multiple parts, Mixed materials. singlebed_bom_100.p1d singlebed_bom_100.pdf
4 Powder Coating pwdcoat.p1d pwdcoat.pdf
5 Miter Parts miter_sample.p1d miter_sample.pdf
6 Miter Parts with Normal Parts miter_sample1.p1d miter_sample.pdf

Large Parts with Joints


1 Joints for Rectangular large parts with manual editing. sample1.plj sample1.pdf
2 Joints for Trapezoidal large parts with manual editing. sample2.plj sample2.pdf
3 Joints for Rectangular and Trapezoidal large parts with manual editing. sample3.plj sample3.pdf


1 Joints in large parts with small parts and multiple stocks. sample_1.p1d sample_1.pdf
2 Joints for large parts with auto splitting. sample_2.p1D sample_2.pdf
3 Joints for large parts with auto splitting. sample_3.p1D sample_3.pdf

PLUS Bend Samples:

1 Simple Bend sample sample_1.pbj
2 Many parts to be bend sample_2.pbj

PLUS Slitting Samples:

1 Fabric Slitting sample_1.psj
2 Sheet Metal Coils slitting sample_2.psj

PLUS Glass Shop Samples:

1 Single stock : The software tells you how much stock to order (quantity of stock 2 is 0) sample_1.plg
2 Multiple stock sizes : PLUS Glass Shop selects the best stocks for the job. sample_2.plg

PLUS Reels Samples:

1 Sample job with automatic and manual splitting of disc sample_1.rlj sample_1.pdf
2 Sample job with automatic splitting of disc sample_2.rlj sample_2.pdf
3 Sample job with manual splitting of disc sample_3.rlj sample_3.pdf

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